Tonight’s Board Meeting Postponed!!

Hey everyone! We are rescheduling tonight’s board meeting. We did not receive any comments on the website announcement (you can ‘subscribe’ to receive emails for announcement and events if you are looking for automatic notification instead of relying on FB). As well, no comments on the FB post.

With the spring storm coming our way, folks may need to get stuff done…abundance of food to keep you strong as you run around your driveway’s with your shovels. The reschedule will also give us a bit more time to look into the cost (or no cost) of some things other clubs may offer.

As a gentle reminder, memberships due’s…are due if you did not pay at the Holiday Party. (this does not apply to new members who signed up late last year)
$30 Single and $35 family.

Enjoy the snow…I mean really, what can you do?!

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Board Meeting Postponed!!”

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I’d like to propose some discussion around ways we can improve communication channels between club members. It doesn’t seem like we have a good mechanism for club members to reach out and connect with one another. The Mom’s Run this Town Facebook page is a great example of what I’d like to see. I have some ideas and would love to share them and hear other’s ideas, too. I’m happy to head up the initiative.


    1. Hi Timm, I just made your comment public. I think that is a great idea. I had talked about this with a few folks, had suggested an Instagram account or maybe Run with AARC page… My thoughts with the current page now have been #1 a bit of security as we are affiliated with BAA and NYRR (membership and insurance). As well, I did not want it to get so bogged down with posts that folks did not miss the announcements. A separate page or what ever would be awesome. We can start the discussion at the next meeting or I can start the discussion on a FB post… Your great idea, your call 🙂

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