Merry Christmas!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from your friends at AARC!  

Happy Hanukkah from your friends at AARC!!

Functional Threshold Power Training – Fort Cycle – Calling all cyclists / Triathletes

Special FortCycle Workshop

 FTP Training Program
7 Week Session
Mondays 6:30-7:30 a.m
January 16-February 27
Functional Threshold Power Training
Build cycling power and stamina using this measurable, scientific training method brought to you by FortCycleCoach Kevin G. 

Saturday am run – suggestion from A Friend

I was just getting started on a midday run the other day and out of no where a total stranger came up beside me and asked “Are you building a patio?” I was totally confused, so asked him ‘build a patio?’. He said ‘Yes, with all bricks your team won.’ I asked this total stranger how he could know this and he replied ‘I’m the Running God.’

What’s a running God look like anyway? This guy had a florescent yellow Brooks running jacket and Hoka running shoes. He looked a little like Capt’n John, with Porterlike porkchop sideburns and Julia like hair – so it seemed feasible he was a Running God. You have to admit, that’s quite a combo. Something only a Running God can pull off.

He then went on to talk about the year our group had. The 100 milers, 100K trail runs, all the marathons (near and far), halfs, 10K’s and 5K’s. The track workouts. The early morning miles. The team relay races through the hills of VT and from the White Mountains to the beach and around ManchVegas (only God would know we call our town ManchVegas) and from mill city to mill city.

And even though he was a Running God – when I brought up all the tri’s people were doing these days – he seemed OK with it. He said cross training was good. I asked about golf and he said so long as you run between holes – it’s OK.

We chatted about a few different things during our run – is stretching important, is it all down hill in heaven, is chocolate milk really a good after race drink or should we stick with beer, etc etc.

We were nearing the end of our run and he said ‘Your group has had a great year. You are good ambassadors for the sport of running. We especially like your ‘no man left behind’ motto. Soon many in your group will begin to train for Boston (again, only something the Running God would know).

He said ‘Have you seen the weather forecast for this weekend? I’ve ordered up a bit of cold winter weather. I think you should gather your group and celebrate. I suggest Moe Joe’s for breakfast on Saturday morning. Enjoy your favorite breakfast. Drink chocolate milk.’

And that was that, he picked up his pace and sped away, like he was on wings.

As you might suspect, I was a bit shaken after the experience. Was he really the Running God? Why did he pick me as his messenger? Last night it dawned on me – he picked me because I have the email list. It seems the Running God is also tech savvy.

To fulfill my duty as messenger, I hereby announce:

We shall meet at the Massabesic ball field parking lot at 7:00 to run an easy 6 miler (maybe Lake Shore to East Industrial, etc) and then to Moe Joe’s to eat, drink chocolate milk and be merry.

Weather on Saturday morning – 17 degrees, very light wind, increasingly heavy snow.


~Craig Alhquist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

Hey, we all have a definition of wonderful and for those running a spring marathon…think Boston…the Boston Prep is a great training run.  When you cross that finish line…Its the most wonderful time of the day…..

New this year – BP – LITE 5 MILER.  Great 5 mile run and a taste of the well known Boston Prep.

SUNDAY January 29, 2017 – 10:00 AM
West Running Brook Middle School – Derry, NH

Benefits the Greater Derry Track Club Kids Summer Fun Run Program

Check out the GDTC website for overview of both the 16 and 5 mile run.  

Race-Shirt, Finisher Swag, and Post-Race Amenities!

Road IDs – All IDs $18 – Ends tonight

Hey Runners, Bikers, Swimmers…

Do you have a Road ID??  WHAT???  NO ID???  For so many reasons that I just don’t have to time to list because I am shopping for deals for my running friends, you absolutely need on. (If not for you…for your family).  

Road ID’s have come a long way.  I just recently purchased my first wrist ID, and while it does not come with diamonds, it is a bit stylish and easy to throw on for a run, swim, bike ride, walk…and if needed…night club.  

Road ID is having a sale…all ID’s $18.00.    

what are you waiting for….?

Happy Shopping!!

PS…if you have a sneaker ID for the last 20 years like me…they ‘may’ replace if the velcro no longer works.  But hey, the wrist ID is so versitile!  

Team AARC at Claddagh Pub


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AARC takes 3rd Overall at Mill Cities Relay!

MO 1st

CO 1st

MSM 3rd

FSM 3rd

CSM 3rd

MM 3rd

CM 3rd

CS 2nd

Meet up / parking for Mill City Relay – PLEASE READ!!!!

Hello Mill City relay runners!  Please read this entire announcement! Please share, talk about this announcement with your team!  

There is NO parking at the old Macys in Bedford.  This is a fenced off work zone.  Please meet at The Provident Bank, 115 South River Rd, Bedford NH (next to Whole Foods).  As there is limited parking at the bank, we highly suggest you drive with your teammates to the Bank.    Yes, meet at someone’s house, mothers house, girlfriends house, bar…  I understand this will not work for all but if you can…you should, you really should!   As much as Whole foods is in the healthy business, the parking lot is for shoppers, not runners…don’t park at Whole Foods.  

keep reading…

  • Sunday December 4th, The Provident Bank, Bedford NH 6:15am
  • Find Muriel who will give you your team package to includes numbers etc !!!
  • If you or a member of your team is not a ‘paid’ AARC member, Muriel will collect $20 for that person
  • New member but did not receive singlet?  Muriel will have Singlets
  • New and current female members who would like a long sleeve – Muriel has some…cost is $20
  • If you live close to Nashua and plan on meeting in Nashua…please please let someone know.  

keep reading…

  • One vehicle per team on race course
  • run fast
  • Limited Parking is at Provident Bank 🙂
  • We have a great shot at winning  – run faster
  • If you park where you are not shopping and get towed – well you will not have a ride to 20% off club night at Runners Alley, Sunday night 5-7 pm
  • This announcement will be posted on FB – please respond if you have a question etc.
  • no FB – you can comment on this post and someone will answer you
  • run your fastest time… 🙂
  • Have fun…because it really is loads of fun!!!

See you all on Sunday!!