Sol Power Yoga / Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga / Bedford NH

YAY!  We have another partner for all AARC members!  

Check out Sol Power Yoga in Bedford NH.  As advertised on their website, the first 30 days for 30 dollars.  After that, AARC members can join for $60 unlimited per month auto withdrawal. (regular $90). 

Pretty good deal!  I cannot wait to try and touch my toes!!



Lost of talk about Spring track…is it really spring yet??

Hello all!!

Quick update on spring track!  Please pass along to those who may not be ‘subscribed’ to the AARC website to receive email updates or have not been introduced to FB.  (subscribe link on the home page, bottom middle)

Track workouts officially start April 5th.  Please note, as the water is not turned on yet, track is at 5:30pm only!!  When we receive an update, you will be the first to know!  

As most of you who read the last announcement know, Ed has retired as coach.  We still need to confirm our morning coach but have not yet received any takers for a pm coach.  If run exactly like the previous years, we have all the weekly work outs.  Essentially, this person needs to show up with the clock (charged), the workout on a clipboard and press go.  We hope we have someone more into it than that… :-). We also would love to have ED show you the ropes before he runs away…get it?!

Dues for the 2017 season are due.  $30 single membership and $35 family membership.  Your are exempt if you joined late last year or paid your dues at the Holiday party.  



Casco Bay 21K 2017

Casco Bay 21K 2017

Saturday May 20, 2017 9:00 AM

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church | 43 Fireside Road | Falmouth ME

Don’t miss this full 21K run from Falmouth to Freeport along the shores of Casco Bay!

You can run as an individual or a relay team of four.

Starts @ 9:00 AM @ St. Mary’s Episcopal Church @ 43 Foreside Road, Falmouth. 

Run along route 88 and end on route 1 in Freeport.

***PLEASE NOTE THE NEW STARTING LOCATION*** The Race will start @ 9:00 AM @ St. Mary’s Episcopal Church @ 43 Fireside Road, Falmouth

Christmas in the marathon

Hello all, 

A received a note from long time AARC member Geno Dube tonight.  What Geno says in his email to me describes this post and the reason for it perfectly.  “I do believe that this is an act of kindness.  It’s also a reminder that even as athletes life is simply unpredictable”

This April 17, 2017, I plan to run in the 121st B.A.A. Boston Marathon. I ran my first of several Boston Marathons in 1988 and this one may be the most important. I am running in honor of my friend Richard “Ratt” Kennedy. He is a longtime marathoner, and for over 20 years we have trained for “The Boston” together. He is a longtime Physical Therapist mentor, and also battling ALS. As the disease continues to progress and unfortunately succeed in taking a great friend away from us, I want to run in Ratt’s honor and raise awareness for ALS research.
Also, the foundation of my career as a Physical Therapist began in Boston working with Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy. This wonderful organization has helped so many thousands of patients, and thousands of non-patients in the greater Boston area. Jake and Sparky Kennedy started a wonderful event called Christmas In The City that donates, through volunteers and 100% full donations, food, fun, gifts, music etc. to thousands of extremely wonderful and extremely poor children to give them at least 1 day of joy in the year they would otherwise never receive. Please help me to raise the needed goal of $7,000 to help these great kids and to boost my training for this year’s Boston Marathon. I know we can do this together! Thank you for all your help, support and motivation! – Amin
Please go to this link to donate- and THANK YOU!!!