Did you vote?? Looking for results – open Board Meeting Monday February 5th @ Stark Brewing Company

Hey Everyone!!  

By now you should have received an email from BallotBin.com to vote for Board Officers.  If you have not received, please check your folder likely marked ‘favorite AARC folder that I don’t check much’.  If you are not into winter running, maybe you have it labeled ‘junk’.  

Results will be made public with swearing in to follow at February’s board meeting to take place at Stark Brewing Company. (ok, no swearing in, just a beer and a potato skin or 2 …and yes, that is the meeting on February 5th) 

Maybe you have some ideas that we can assign to a committee?  Maybe you want to help on a committee?  Maybe you just like potato skins?  If you are hard core, you are looking for someone to run with.  I would say someone at the meeting is a runner so show up!

Looking forward to NH Grand Prix that AARC is now a part of!!

Thank you


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