The Day After Mill City



Ahh the day after Mill City.  Hanging around sipping a cup of coffee, thinking about the brick’s AARC ran their..sneaker’s off for.  Perfect weather, great day over all!  The Icing on the…coffee, would be to have the day off, but alas you don’t.  You could bring your brick to work and throw it at your boss…really not a good way to start the week so best to just show it off.  Some of us will rely on AARC’s Instagram page (AARCNH) to show off the bricks. 

Thoughts for the week – ok, they are not thoughts, just stuff you might not know.  Its impossible to play a game of trivia via email so just thoughts…

Did you know all the ways to get news about AARC?

Website (ok obvious I know)
Facebook (probably obvious)
Subscribe here – what??  Subscribe what and where?  If you enter your email address on our website under Subscribe here, you will get another email just like this one thru our email…yup being doing that for over a year now.  Don’t forget to acknowledge the email stating you asked for it…or you won’t get the email
Announcements – Isn’t this an announcement?  Yes it is but if you find yourself wondering exactly what that email said a week ago, the contents can be found under Announcements on our website..yup.
My mothers does not receive the emails – ok…please send her email address to me and I will add her email to the list or she can Subscribe…on the website. 
My father hates AARC emails – Sorry he is own his own…yup look for the unscribe button at the bottom and click if he must. Lots of fun he will miss.  

Have a great day all and once again, Congrats!!!

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